"when we wake up in the morning, we have two simple choices. go back to sleep and dream, or wake up and chase those dreams. choice is yours..."

Friday, 9 December 2011

:: have a nice time ::

Tofan Oink Kurnia Efriansyah

There are moments in Life
When you miss one person so much
That you wish they were with you right now!
Dream of what you most enjoy
Go where you want to go
Be who you want to be
You have but one life
To achieve what you want to achieve
To find on your way
Enough  luck to remain happy
Enough challanges to become strong
Enough grief to remain human
Enough hope to be happy

Tofan Oink Kurnia Efriansyah

The happiest people do not
Necessaryly have the best of all
They simply appreciate
What  they find on their way
Luck and joy awaits…
Those who cry…
Those who suffer…
Those who search…
those who commit themselves…
Those who love…
Because only these people know the value of
Things that leave lasting impressions of their lives
Forget what’s gone
Leave what’s behind you
Your failures and your pain
Love starts with a smile
And grows with a kiss
If you want to, do as I do: send this message
To somone who’s friendship you cherrish ...
To people who helped
Share and improve your life...
To those people who made you smile
When you needed it most…
To those who showed you the Positive
Where you only saw the Negative ...
To people who you want to know…
How much
Means to you
Or simply
Thank you for giving me
a glimpse into a better world

Tofan Oink Kurnia Efriansyah

Have a nice day!!!!!!

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